Can you carry a knife in the netherlands?

Eli Connelly asked a question: Can you carry a knife in the netherlands?
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National law

As of 2011, Dutch Law prohibits ownership or possession of the following knives: ... throwing knives. folding knives with more than one cutting edge. folding knives with an overall length of more than 28 cm (11 in) when deployed.


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⭐️ Are butterfly knife trainers illegal in the netherlands?

In the Netherlands, balisongs are illegal. In New Zealand, balisongs are illegal. In Norway, balisongs are illegal. In the Philippines, it is now generally illegal to carry one without identification or a proper permit in the streets of the capital because of their prevalent use in crime and altercations.

⭐️ Can i carry spices to netherlands?

Can I carry spices in the check-in luggage to Netherlands? - Quora. Yes, no problem. Be careful with saffron, though, as even minute quantities can easily surpass the €400 import limit.

⭐️ Can we carry rice to netherlands?

How do I import from non-EU countries to the Netherlands?

  • Import from non-EU countries to the Netherlands. Goods that are imported from outside the EU to the Netherlands must be declared to Customs. You are then able to import the goods into the EU using a customs declaration. You will be required to pay the VAT on the goods to Customs.

⭐️ Can you capitalize a province in the netherlands?

  • However, if you want to, you may. Provinces can be abbreviated (UT for Province of Utrecht, NH for North Holland, etc) but town and city names may NOT. You can add a country like The Netherlands or abbreviate it as NL, always capitals. It can be written with small cases, capital or mixed.

⭐️ Can you carry a gun in the netherlands?

In the Netherlands, the possession of all firearms, ammunition and other weapons is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use weapons. There are some exceptions, but in those cases you will need a weapons permit.

⭐️ Can you drink at 16 in the netherlands?

How old do you have to be to drink alcohol in the Netherlands?

  • Young people age 12 to 18 caught drinking or possessing alcohol on the road, in parks, festivals, campingsites (exception the tents of the guests), pubs and restaurants can be penalized. The fine is €47,50 for youngsters under 16 and €95 for youngsters age 16 and 17.

⭐️ Can you go to the dentist in the netherlands?

  • Going to a dentist in the Netherlands might be a relatively tranquil experience in your expat life compared to other countries. But worrying about the dentist bill and your dental insurance policy isn’t something you want to be doing too much in life, whether you’re an expat or not.

⭐️ Can you take a knife to a prison in the netherlands?

  • "They can't take that knife with them," says Jan Roelof van der Spoel, deputy governor of Norgerhaven, a high-security prison in the north-east of the Netherlands. "But they can borrow small kitchen knives if they hand in their passes so we know exactly who has what."

⭐️ How does the netherlands carry out euthanasia?

Euthanasia is performed by the attending physician administering a fatal dose of a suitable drug to the patient on his or her express request. The relevant Dutch legislation also covers physician-assisted suicide (where the physician supplies the drug but the patient administers it).

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Is a swiss army knife legal in the netherlands?

Owning and trading in all knives from the range of are permitted under Dutch law. This means that you can buy and own these items. However, you should not carry these knives with you always and everywhere.

Is it illegal to have an automatic knife in the netherlands?
  • About the Dutch knife laws. Automatic knives are legal if the blade is under 7 cm, smaller than 14mm wide, has only one edged side and has no penetrating power. As far as I know or have read fixed blades are not illegal, only if it has 2 edged sides (aka a dagger). Blood groves are not forbidden by law.
What can you take with you to the netherlands?
  • You can take many things with you when you travel to or from the Netherlands, with a few exceptions. Custom rules exist for items like drinks, tobacco, medicines, meat, fish, (products made of) protected animal and plant species, as well as large sums of cash. You can bring many items with you to or from the Netherlands, with a few exceptions.
What size pocket knife is legal netherlands?
  • As long as it isn't auto, has 1 cutting edge and is under 28cm it's legal. Keep in mind though, big cities like amsterdam have certain 'knive-free' zones where carrying any knife is prohibited. Crap, I can't believe I forgot to mention double edged blades in that whole rant about forbidden stuff Thanks for adding that one
Where can you barbecue in the netherlands?
  • In principle, you can barbecue pretty much anywhere in the Netherlands as long as you’re not a nuisance. But, of course, there are rules for you to follow and keep in mind. Make sure you always check whether it’s allowed to barbecue at your chosen spot.
Where can you sail in the netherlands?
  • Jsselmeer / Markermeer. This is probably the favourite sailing area in Holland…
  • Zeeland. This area is partially tidal…
  • Wadden sea (Waddenzee) A beautiful nature reserve between Friesland and the Wadden Islands…
  • Frisian Lakes (Friese Meren) ...
  • North Sea coast.