Can you smoke cigarettes outside in amsterdam?

Justice Wunsch asked a question: Can you smoke cigarettes outside in amsterdam?
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Passing out smoking weed in amsterdam

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It is unsafe and illegal. It is not allowed to smoke in the public (you can get a fine, but usually just a reminder from the policeman), and it is not polite either to roam the streets, shops or restaurants while stoned.


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⭐️ Can you stay on a boat in amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a city of canals and why not experience those canals by staying on a houseboat? This is a fantastic choice of accommodation in Amsterdam and is surprisingly reasonably priced.

⭐️ Can you take joints to go in amsterdam?

Can only Dutch residents enter Amsterdam’s marijuana-selling coffee shops?

  • Backed by police and prosecutors, the city’s mayor, Femke Halsema, has tabled proposals allowing only Dutch residents to enter its 166 marijuana-selling coffee shops, with the measure likely to come into force sometime next year.

⭐️ Can you wear trainers in clubs in amsterdam?

Which is the best fitness studio in Amsterdam?

  • Here’s a list of the finest gyms, certified, professional trainers, premium training studios, top-class fitness courses and workout classes for all budgets: Ultimate Performance Amsterdam is the home of the world’s leading personal trainers. The team at U.P. Amsterdam’s private Rozengracht 207-F gym are experts in body transformation.

⭐️ How many days can you spend in amsterdam?

  • As someone who lived in Amsterdam for a few years, I can promise that three days is the perfect taste of Amsterdam. Many Dutchies will say that Amsterdam is not the same as the Netherlands and many joke that it’s the Disneyworld of the Netherlands.

⭐️ How to get outside amsterdam?

Which is the best way to get around Amsterdam?

  • Amsterdam boasts an impressive public transport network including metros, buses, trams, ferries and trains to help you get around the capital.

⭐️ Is it ok to smoke a spliff in amsterdam?

  • Make sure you experience more than just the coffeeshops while in Amsterdam. Our restaurants & clubs rank up there with the finest in the world; this is debatable but it doesn’t hurt that there are places that allow you to smoke a spliff if you are not disturbing anyone else; you should always ask your server if they mind if you light up.

⭐️ What can you do at night in amsterdam?

  • Soak up some culture…
  • Dance Dance Dance! ...
  • Get lost in the Red Light District…
  • Catch some Live Music…
  • Indulge in the spirits at Cafe de Dokter…
  • Seek out a secret bar…
  • Take in the views at A'DAM Tower…
  • Visit the city's museums by night.

⭐️ What can you do in amsterdam at 17?

It is allowed in Amsterdam to sit in a park and smoke a joint , so if you are smart and keep everyone as your friend, then let your friend buy some weed, then go to a supermarket , buy some drinks and go sit chill in a park and just enjoy the good life in Amsterdam on a legal and friendly way, Have Fun!

⭐️ What can you do in amsterdam for free?

  • Free GVB Amsterdam Ferries…
  • Amsterdam Gallery @Amsterdam Museum…
  • Concertgebouw Free Lunchtime Concert…
  • Begijnhof…
  • Amsterdam Central Library (OBA Oosterdok) ...
  • Vondelpark…
  • Rijksmuseum Garden…
  • Amsterdam City Archives (Stadsarchief)

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How smoking cannabis / weed for a month affects your lungs ● a must see !

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