Can you smoke weed outside amsterdam?

Andreanne Herzog asked a question: Can you smoke weed outside amsterdam?
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Amsterdam, netherlands: coffeeshops and red light district

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Technically, it is not legal to smoke weed in public in Amsterdam, but it's decriminalized. It means that if you do it in the coffeeshops or some of the bars, you can be sure the authorities will turn a blind eye. It's illegal to smoke weed outside those places as well, but this law is not really enforced either.

you are as fine to smoke weed outdoors as you are anywhere else. it's illegal but if you're not silly, you'll be ok. just be respectful.


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Best restaurants in Amsterdam

  1. Jansz. Classics with a modern twist are the name of the game in this former apothecary's shop with a canal view…
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Since this is also a residential area, De Wallen is accessible to everyone 24 hours a day.

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The Netherlands is a party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that U.S. citizens may enter the Netherlands for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. Your passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay. You need sufficient funds and a return airline ticket.

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That's because in the Netherlands, there is no social or written requirement to tip a restaurant worker. However, if you received good service or thoroughly enjoyed the food, it's customary to give a small tip — around 5-10% of the bill… It's very rare for restaurants to include a specific service charge on the bill.

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  • Amsterdam is home to many international corporate headquarters. This often means that English-speaking expats might have a good chance of finding a job in Amsterdam. However, keep in mind that competition is fierce and knowing Dutch will work in your favor.

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Cannabis in the Netherlands is illegal, but is decriminalised for personal use. Recreational consumption of the drug is tolerated, and it is available in coffeeshops.

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  • 1 Anne Frank House.
  • 2 Heineken Experience.
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  • 4 Artis Zoo.
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  • 6 Johan Cruijff Arena.
  • 7 Amsterdam Dungeon.
  • 8 Royal Palace, Amsterdam.

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  • Tour the canals on a pedal boat.
  • Catch a movie at Pathé Tuschinski.
  • Explore Amsterdam by bike.
  • Bimhuis.
  • Westerkerk.
  • Vondelpark.
  • Van Gogh Museum.
  • Daytrip to Bollenstreek.

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Travel tips: is amsterdam's pot party over?

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  • Guided bike rides, canal cruises and daytrips to the countryside offer even more ways to make the most of your time in Amsterdam. And, of course, the party scene of coffee houses, gay bars, nightclubs and more is not to be missed. Located southwest of the city center, the 116-acre Vondelpark is the favorite leafy retreat of just about everyone.
What can i study in amsterdam?

In Amsterdam, you can choose from plenty of full-time and part-time programmes that lead to a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree. You may begin your higher education with an undergraduate degree in communication sciences, economics and business, European studies, sports, liberal arts and sciences and many others.

What happens to your pension if you move outside the netherlands?
  • If you move outside the Netherlands, this can reduce your pension amount/ Individuals aged between 15 and 65 can lose 2% of their Dutch pension for every year they haven’t lived in the Netherlands. In some circumstances, foreigners working abroad can still benefit from the Dutch pension system.
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  • Here's where you can park SHARE NOW cars in Amsterdam: Public street parking is always for free within the Home Area. And we have dedicated car-sharing parking spots all over town.
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Where can I buy CBD in Amsterdam?

  • The Coffeeshop Info Centre can point you in the direction of tons of coffeeshops (whatever kind of shop you fancy). They will answer all your questions on the regulations about soft drugs in Amsterdam. They also sell some premium seeds, CBD products and you can score some clean and stylish ganja paraphernalia there too.

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