How baby netherland bunnies change colors?

Michaela Ziemann asked a question: How baby netherland bunnies change colors?
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Are there different colors of Netherland Dwarf rabbits?

  • Netherland dwarf rabbit come in various colors. Some are of a solid color while some are shaded. Netherland dwarf rabbits are not evolved species, but they have been developed by cross-breeding. These rabbits are also called polish rabbits and are very small in size.

Baby bunnies fur is extremely soft and when they have their first shed, (we call it a blowout) it looks like all of the fur you get off of them they can't possibly have anything left. They are getting rid of their top or bottom coat and then the new fur that grows in can change colors.


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  • However, some jobs can also be found on online employment databases, such as: LinkedIn also has a job database. Many Dutch companies rely on recruitment agencies ( uitzendbureaus) to find employees, and it is a common way to find work in the Netherlands.

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  • Private and hobbyist breeders often advertise rabbits for sale on the internet, in local papers, pet shops or vets and are the best place to buy a rabbit for those particularly looking for a baby rabbit raised in a home enviroment and wanting knowledge of their age and history.