How big is the netherlands in square miles?

Bernie Ratke asked a question: How big is the netherlands in square miles?
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⭐️ How many square miles is netherlands?

16,158 square miles.

⭐️ Area of the netherlands in square miles?

Netherlands - 16,033 square miles.

⭐️ How many square miles does the netherlands have?

The Netherlands covers 16,033 sq miles.

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16034 mi²

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How many miles from malaysia to netherlands?

45 cm

How many people in netherlands square mile?

What is the area in square kilometres of the Netherlands?

  • Adding the constituent countries of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, the total area of the Kingdom of the Netherlands covers 42,508 km2 (16,412 sq mi). ^ The figure from the UN demographic yearbook (41,277 km2 or 15,937 sq mi) excludes the areas of state forests and communanzas, which amount to 7.15 km2 (2.76 sq mi).
How many square kilometres is the netherlands?

41,528 sq km

How many square meter is the netherlands?

41,526 km² = 41,526,000 m²

Where is vrijthof square in maastricht, netherlands?
  • / 50.849172; 5.688419 Vrijthof is a large urban square in the centre of Maastricht, Netherlands. The square developed from an ancient Roman and Frankish cemetery into a semi-private space that belonged to the Collegiate Church of Saint Servatius. In the 19th century it became the town's main square.
How big is the netherlands in sq miles?

Netherlands - 16,033 square miles.

How many miles from the netherlands to ireland?

About 450 miles or 727 kilometres.

How big is the netherlands in square kilometers?
  • It depends on both the level of fertility and the age structure of the population. With its 16,877,351 people, Netherlands is the 65th largest country in the world by population. It is the 133rd largest country in the world by area with 41,543 square kilometers.
Square mileage of the netherlands compared to canada?

Netherlands is approximately 41,543 sq km, while Canada is approximately 9,984,670 sq km, making Canada 23,935% larger than Netherlands. Meanwhile, the population of Netherlands is ~17.3 million people (20.4 million more people live in Canada).

What is the square mileage for the netherlands?

What is the area in square miles of the Netherlands?

  • The country has a total area of 41,526 square kilometers (16,485 square miles). This includes 33,889 square kilometers of land (13,084 square miles) and 7,643 square kilometers (2,950 square miles) of water. The coastline of the Netherlands is 451 kilometers (280 miles) long.
Where is the oostplein square in the netherlands?
  • This square placemark is situated in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands and its geographical coordinates are 51° 55' 24" North, 4° 29' 48" East. Original name (with diacritics) of the place is Rotterdam. See Oostplein photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Oostplein in Rotterdam area.
How many miles between berlin germany and amsterdam netherlands?

About 265 miles. :)

How many miles from amsterdam netherlands to delhi india?

1000 miles

How many miles from atlanta ga to amsterdam netherlands?

The total distance by air from Atlanta, Georgia, to Amsterdam, Netherlands, is 4,398 miles, or 7,079 kilometres.

How many miles of canals are in the netherlands?

How many canals are there in Amsterdam, Netherlands?

  • Amsterdam has 165 canals. There are 165 Amsterdam canals that combine for a length of over 100 kilometers (about 60 miles). The Canal Ring became part of the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010.
How many miles of coastline does the netherlands have?
  • Coastline: 451 kilometers (280 miles) Territorial sea limits: 22 kilometers (12 nautical miles) The Netherlands (formerly also known as Holland) is located in Western Europe between Belgium and Germany, bordering the North Sea.
How many air miles between ft. lauderdale and amsterdam netherlands?

About 4616 air miles (7428 kilometers).

How many airline miles is tampa fl to amsterdam netherlands?

Flight distance from Tampa to Amsterdam (Tampa International Airport – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) is 4613 miles / 7423 kilometers / 4008 nautical miles.

How many airplane miles is tampa fl to amsterdam netherlands?
  • The total straight line flight distance from Tampa, FL to Amsterdam, Netherlands is 4,616 miles. This is equivalent to 7 428 kilometers or 4,011 nautical miles. Your trip begins in Tampa, Florida.
How many miles between harlem in the netherlands and germany?

About 450 miles (716 kilo)

How many miles is it from the netherlands to belgium?

0, they border eachother..

How many miles of lf bike routes in the netherlands?
  • The Ronde van Nederland (Tour of the Netherlands) via LF routes is the ultimate cycle route for any holiday cyclist. Several (sections of) LF routes have been linked together to provide over 1,380 kilometres of cycling fun in the Netherlands. A special cycle guide (edition 2020) is available for this route (Dutch version only).
How much miles is it from the us to netherlands?

3,452.03 miles from Boston to Amsterdam