How can indian mbbs doctors work in netherlands?

Olga Mraz asked a question: How can indian mbbs doctors work in netherlands?
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Mbbs in india to usa! doctor’s journey | usmle cutoff?

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Doctors are considered highly skilled workers in the Netherlands, so you should be eligible to apply for the Highly Skilled Migrant visa, which will allow you to reside and work in the Netherlands.

Is an MBBS from India recognized in developed countries?

  • In the end, while a basic medical degree (MBBS) from most of the medical colleges in India is eligible for licensing examination in developed countries, an automatic recognition of Indian basic and post-graduate medical to work in developed countries is not possible. (with some exception like in Singapore).


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  • A certificate of coverage issued by one country serves as proof of exemption from social security taxes on the same earnings in the other country. To establish an exemption from compulsory coverage and taxes under the Dutch system, your employer must request a certificate of coverage (form USA/NL 101) from the United States at this address:

⭐️ How does a court of appeal work in the netherlands?

  • If one of the parties disagrees with the court’s ruling, the case may be referred to a court of appeal and subsequently, through an appeal in cassation, to the Supreme Court. Besides these courts, the Netherlands has a number of other judicial bodies.

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  • Kijkwijzer explained How does it work? Kijkwijzer is a Dutch rating system for audiovisual media. It is applied on virtually all audiovisual products on offer in The Netherlands, from television programmes and cinematic feature films to films on Video on Demand and Blu-ray/ DVD.

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The wage is based on a full working week; this can range between 36 to 40 hours weekly depending on the working agreement… There is no net minimum wage in the Netherlands; employers pay out differing social insurance contributions and taxes for individual employees.

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  • You’ll find that the Dutch people tend to work fewer hours than the European average, placing much more of a value on family time or leisure activities. Statistically speaking, about 75 percent of women and 26 percent of men work around 35 hours per week part-time, with some even working a day or two from home.

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  • There is now a total of 419.000 people in the Netherlands out of work, 146.000 more than at the start of the coronavirus crisis. This is 4,5 percent of the Dutch workforce. The level of unemployment has risen slightly above what the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) had expected for the whole of 2020.

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  • That’s just less than 5% of the population, or 8.2% of the 10.2 million jobs in the country that year. That’s because the Netherlands is a small country – only about 45,000km 2 – with a limited internal market.

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  • Please note that students from European countries or from the EU, however, can work in the Netherlands without any restrictions. Salaries for a part-time job vary between €11 to €14 per hour and the employer is responsible for applying for the work visa for the student employee.

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Salary of mbbs doctor in india | lifestyle of doctor in india | job offers & opportunities | vedantu

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  • Contrary to some other countries, dentists in the Netherlands work with an assistant. Patients generally visit the dentist twice per year for a check-up. This means that dentists have busy schedules.
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When to apply for PR in the Netherlands?

  • When you stay in Netherlands for five years consecutively (without any break in your visa in between) then you can apply for a PR. A shortcut would be to marry a dutch citizen :).
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  • Usually, non-EU and non-EEA citizens must obtain a work permit in the Netherlands if they wish to be employed in the country. Dutch work permits are obtained after a Dutch employer confirms that the foreign person has been selected for a job position in the respective company.
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As one of the most stable economies in the EU, the Dutch economy is also one of the richest. The Netherlands may be small, but it's full of fresh job opportunities… A thriving economy offering a wealth of job and career opportunities is one of the best reasons to work in the Netherlands.

Why are mbbs not available in the netherlands?
  • Most of the students do not have Netherlands in their list of pursuing MBBS from abroad destinations because they think that the courses are taught to them in Dutch; and they will have to learn a new language and have to focus on learning the nuances of the Dutch language.

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