How close is afrikaans to dutch?

Keely Pacocha asked a question: How close is afrikaans to dutch?
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Dutch / afrikaans

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As an estimated 90 to 95% of Afrikaans vocabulary is ultimately of Dutch origin, there are few lexical differences between the two languages; however, Afrikaans has a considerably more regular morphology, grammar, and spelling.


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⭐️ How close do dutch children live to their parents?

  • The conclusions are based on an extensive survey of almost 10,000 Dutch families. It reveals that 50 percent of children continue to live within a 10-kilometre radius of their parents when they grow up.

⭐️ How do i start learning dutch?

  1. Take a free Dutch language course from your local library or municipality…
  2. Watch Dutch movies and use the Language Learning with Netflix extension…
  3. Follow a free online course…
  4. Listen to Dutch music and podcasts…
  5. Discover Dutch YouTube channels…
  6. Learn grammar online — no textbook needed!

⭐️ How do the dutch control floods?

  • To Control Floods, The Dutch Turn to Nature for Inspiration. The Netherlands’ system of dikes and sea gates has long been the best in the world. But as the country confronts the challenges of climate change, it is increasingly relying on techniques that mimic natural systems and harness nature’s power to hold back the sea.

⭐️ How do the dutch reclaim land?

  • The Dutch, people from the Netherlands, use the reclaimed land, called polder s, for agriculture, residential, and industrial use. The first dikes in the Netherlands were constructed in the 1200s, and the country continues to maintain and expand the dike system today. In fact, dike is a Dutch word that originally meant the bank of a body of water.

⭐️ How do you curse in dutch?

Godverdomme is probably the first Dutch swear word any Dutch person will teach you. It's rather difficult to pronounce, but very satisfying to say. Godverdomme is the Dutch word for Goddamn, it's a strong curse word that is certainly not popular among Christians.

⭐️ How do you eat dutch pancakes?

  • Traditionally these Dutch pancakes, filled or not, are rolled and then eaten. Slice them and use a fork and knife if you’re feeling civilized, or just grab a bite if you’re eating them on the go! With the Dutch colonization of South Africa, pannekoek are often seen as “South African pancakes” as well.

⭐️ How do you greet in dutch?

  1. 1) Hallo — Hello. Yes — every culture has this generic way of saying hello and in Dutch, it's hallo! ...
  2. 2) Hoi — Hi. This one is rather casual…
  3. 3) Hey! ...
  4. 4) Yo! ...
  5. 5) Goedendag — Good day…
  6. 6) Goedemorgen — Good morning…
  7. 7) Goedenmiddag — Good afternoon…
  8. 8) Goedenavond — Good evening.

⭐️ How do you spot a dutch?

  1. B.Y.O. Hagelslag…
  2. They get everywhere! ...
  3. Not fazed by rain…
  4. Travel by car…
  5. Fearless…
  6. Dutch manners…
  7. Speaking multiple languages…
  8. They'll tell you.

⭐️ How fast do dutch trains go?

Intercity Train

Operated by NS (the Dutch national railway), Intercity or IC trains provide domestic connections throughout the Netherlands. Running with a top speed of 140 kph (86 mph), this train is the most time-saving option to get from the center of Amsterdam to Schiphol Airport.

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Afrikaans: a daughter language of dutch

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How is w pronounced in dutch?
  1. If the “v” is at the end of a word, we pronounce it like an “f”…
  2. If the “w” is at the end of a word; we pronounce it even more softly, almost like being a part of a vowel; usually preceeded by the letter “u”.
How is z pronounced in dutch?

Dutch S and Z are not the same as English or French S and Z. Dutch pronounce them looser, as they do with more sounds, like the L or the V. This then also transpires in the Dutch accents when they speak English or French.

How many americans claim dutch ancestry?
  • More than 5 million Americans claim Dutch roots, and many more have Dutch ancestry and don’t know it. Learning about your Dutch heritage can be a very rewarding experience, and in this post, I’ll show you how to use your unique DNA to trace your Dutch ancestors.
How many dutch live in usa?

Today there are approximately 8,000,000 Americans of Dutch descent in the United States. The majority live in just ten states: California, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Washington and Iowa.

How to call dutch phone numbers?
  • The country code is more specific, and will depend on where you are trying to call. Dial the Dutch phone number. All phone numbers begin with an area code, which will be the first 2 to 3 numbers. One notable exception is for a cell phone, which will have the area code 6.

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How similar are german and afrikaans? (german vs. afrikaans) Why do dutch people not close their curtains?

The most popular explanation stems from the Protestant religious tradition of Calvinism, which insists that honest citizens have nothing to hide. Closing the curtains could indicate otherwise. And by letting people have a look inside, you let them know: Look, I'm a decent person!

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