How is academic research funded in the netherlands?

Birdie Hettinger asked a question: How is academic research funded in the netherlands?
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The majority of public money for research goes straight to universities from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. That is direct government research funding.

  • Companies fund around half of all academic research and development work (R&D) in the Netherlands. Commercial funding focuses mainly on R&D within the company itself and within the company’s own sector (this accounts for 80 to 85% of funding). Dutch companies also fund research performed by universities and research institutions.


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  • TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research TNO, was founded by law in 1932 to enable business and government to apply knowledge. As an organisation regulated by public law, we are independent: not part of any government, university or company. Please read more about our organisation below.
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  • The academic year for Dutch universities and hogescholen starts in September and runs through to the end of June of the following year. The year is divided up into two semesters, with the second starting in early February.
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  • The Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM) is the joint research institute of the Rotterdam School of Management and the Erasmus School of Economics, both at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
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  • hoogleraar 2, or professor (literal translation high teacher rank 2, lowest Dutch academic rank allowed to use the title prof. Equivalent to UK professor, and US full professor - pay grade H2). hoogleraar 1, or professor (literal translation high teacher rank 1. Usually department or sub department chair.