How long can netherland dwarf rabbit live?

Davon Schultz asked a question: How long can netherland dwarf rabbit live?
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How long can a dwarf rabbit or dwarf bunny live?

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Time is needed to bond with the rabbit and to build trust, because Dwarf breeds are often more nervous and more aloof than larger breeds. However, when the rabbit has bonded with their owner they make affectionate pets. The expected lifespan of domesticated Netherland Dwarfs is 7-10 years.

How long do Netherland Dwarf rabbits live?

  • Protect your bunny by making sure their fur stays clean, and checking their bottom every day, especially in summer. How Long Does a Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Live? Like most domestic rabbit breeds, a healthy Netherland Dwarf rabbit can live 7- 10 years. With a fair wind, some live even longer.


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