How many days does it rain in netherlands?

Mariana Moen asked a question: How many days does it rain in netherlands?
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Number of rain days in the Netherlands 1990-2019. The statistic shows that since the year 2000, the number of rain days declined. The total number of rain days in 2019 amounted to 139, roughly on the same level as in 2017 and 2016 and a significant increase compared to the previous year.


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Current adult prices (2021) for a 1 month Global Pass are €670 (2nd class) and €893 (1st class). Youths aged 12-27 pay €503 (2nd class) and €670 (1st class) whilst seniors over 60 pay €603 (2nd class) or €804 (1st class).

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  • Buying land to self-build your new home is also a popular option in the Netherlands. In 2018, the average cost of building a new house to live in was just below €300 per cubic meter. Frameworks and regulations can be found at the Department of Housing, Spatial Planning, and the Environment (VROM).

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  • However, many smartphones will still connect on arrival although you should check with your operator beforehand on the costs you can expect to face. Should your phone not be able to connect to the Dutch network, you can purchase a pre-paid mobile on arrival. These start at €30 for the most basic models.

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  • Buying a prepaid sim card from T-Mobile Netherlands also costs €10 and comes with €10 credit and 1 GB data. T-Mobile offers unlimited high-speed internet for €2.95 per day, 50% more expensive than KPN Netherlands. Their most popular data package are the combi bundles:

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  • Tuition costs at international schools depend on the institution, with fees ranging from 5.000 to 22.000 euros annually for primary education, and from 8.000 to 23.000 euros per year for secondary education. Primary schools and schools in the Netherlands are divided into two categories.

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  • Cost of renting in the Netherlands Monthly rent: Typically EUR 600–1,200 for a two-bedroom apartment. Rent should only increase in line with inflation each year. Deposit: Typically equal to two months’ rent Agent’s fees: Typically equal to one month’s rent for a search agent hired by you, otherwise paid by the landlord.

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Costs of doctors in the Netherlands are around €30–50 for a consultation. If you see a specialist, you need proof of referral from your doctor to claim the fee from your insurer. Otherwise, you may have to pay the full costs yourself.

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Average cost of a doctor's visit: € 47 (£40, USD$55, AU$70)

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  • Music and dance. The Netherlands has multiple musical traditions, ranging from folk and dance to classical music and ballet. Traditional Dutch music is a genre known as "Levenslied", meaning Song of life, to an extent comparable to a French Chanson or a German Schlager.

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