Is utrecht uni masters hard to get into?

Josianne Robel asked a question: Is utrecht uni masters hard to get into?
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How to choose a master's degree in Utrecht?

  • 1. Choose your Master’s programme and read the entry requirements Take a look at Utrecht University’s course catalogue to find a programme you are interested in. Unsure of your choice: Compare Master’s programmes with our online tool!

What is a master's degree at Utrecht University?

  • A Master's degree at Utrecht University is a one- or two-year programme in MSc, MA, or LLM.Students can choose from 90+ English-taught Master’s degree programs offered by the university. For all master's degrees, the minimum prerequisite is an undergraduate degree in the same or similar area.

It's fairly easy to get into a Dutch uni for a master's. My educational background was similar to yours (except I didn't even get a first) and it wasn't a problem getting a place.

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