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⭐️ How to get around amsterdam by bike?

5 Best Cycle Routes in and Around Amsterdam


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⭐️ What bike to buy in amsterdam?

  • To blend in with the crowd, select your Gazelle or Batavus city bike from one of the many bicycle dealers in Amsterdam. Kroonenberg Tweewielers and Bob Orange Bicycles are both centrally located and have good selections of new touring or mountain bikes and second-hand city bicycles; a new Batavus Flash City Bike should cost around EUR 600.

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⭐️ Where to get a bike in amsterdam?

  • If you are ready to rent a bike in Amsterdam, it is pretty easy to find a bike shop – look for a store with the word “fiet” (bike) in the title. There are several located near the Central Station, the Leidseplein and Dam Square. Bike shops will rent bikes for as few as 3 hours, although the most common rental is for the day.

⭐️ Where do you lock your bike in amsterdam?

  • Bikes in Amsterdam always have two locks. There’s one that goes on the back tire (see the black circle on the back tire underneath the seat). This is very convenient to have when you are running into a store to buy something, but don’t need to lock your bike up fully.

⭐️ How often is a bike stolen in amsterdam?

  • Unfortunately, Amsterdam is not only the capital of the Netherlands, but also the Dutch capital of bike theft. Each year between 50.000 and 80.000 bikes are stolen in Amsterdam alone, according to the the Amsterdam police and the Cyclist Union (yes, they really exists). Therefore, be sure to buy a decent lock or insurance.

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Don't walk in the bike lanes

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Biking in amsterdam - it's the dutch way!

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The most dangerous places to cycle in amsterdam

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What kind of bike do people ride in amsterdam?

  • Most Amsterdammers ride reasonably basic bicycles, preferring not to subject an expensive bike to the rigours of city life. Whether you choose to purchase a second hand or brand new bike, invest in a decent lock alongside the worthwhile precaution of insuring your bike against theft.

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How can i get my bike back in amsterdam?

  • Every workday, 17 civil enforcement officers drive around town in six trucks. Each truck carts away some 40 bikes a day. In that case, all such bicycles are transported to the Fietsdepot (bicycle depository). If it is determined that the bike was stolen, it will be returned to the rightful owner — free of charge (within Amsterdam).

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Is there a bike ride from amsterdam to haarlem?

  • Haarlem is only 20 kilometres away from Amsterdam and travelling there by bike is a breeze. The journey takes around an hour and crosses several scenic locales, including a rustic town called Zwannenburg. Alternatively, pick up a bike in Haarlem and explore the western side of Noord-Holland.

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Is it safe to ride a bike in amsterdam?

  • Obeying the rules is a good and safe way to start cycling in Amsterdam. If there is a bike lane, you must ride on the bike lane. Most main streets have a red coloured bike lane. Most bike lanes are one way.

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Are there bike lanes in the city of amsterdam?

  • Bikes are everywhere in Amsterdam. If you’re looking to join the locals on the fietspad, here’s a guide to buying one, as well as a primer to bike lane etiquette in Amsterdam. The bicycle is very much part of Amsterdam culture and a near-necessity within the city centre.

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Can you drink and ride a bike in amsterdam?

Is it safe to ride a bike in Amsterdam?

  • Obeying the rules is a good and safe way to start cycling in Amsterdam. If there is a bike lane, you must ride on the bike lane. Most main streets have a red coloured bike lane. Most bike lanes are one way.

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Where can i buy a cheap bike in amsterdam?

Where to get a second hand bike in Amsterdam, Holland?

  • You can search for used bikes on the Internet, Facebook groups, Craigslist. If you would like to go to used bike shop there are many of them in the Netherlands. Just type second-hand bike and find the closest one on google maps. Keep in mind that you can find used bikes in shops with used things. These stores are called: Kringloopwinkel.

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How long are the bike ride tours in amsterdam?

What bikes are in Amsterdam?

  • Amsterdammers ride a wide variety of bicycles including the traditional Omafiets - the ubiquitous Dutch roadster with a step-through frame - to anything from modern city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, and even recumbent bikes. Many tourists also discover Amsterdam by bike, which is the typical Dutch way.

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Are parts of amsterdam below sea level?

  • Parts of Amsterdam ARE below sea level, but only some parts. Schiphol airport lies at the bottom of what was once Haarlemmer Lake. The Haarlemmer Lake was drained in 1852 and the first aircraft landed at Schiphol in 1916. Technically, the airport lies on the bottom of the lake, over four metres below sea level.

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What to do if your bike is stolen in amsterdam?

  • You can search online to see if your bike is at the Bicycle Depot. You can pick up your bike there or you can have it delivered at home. It is also possible that your bicycle has been stolen. If this is the case, report the theft to the police (in Dutch). Bicycle depot checks all removed bicycles for theft.

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Where is it illegal to leave your bike in amsterdam?

  • Amsterdam has a strict bike parking policy. Signs indicate where it's forbidden to leave your bike. Look out for signs saying Verboden fietsen te plaatsen (Forbidden to park bikes). There are also zones - e.g. around train stations - with a 'no parking outside the designated facilities' policy.

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Can u ride a bike from amsterdam to zaanse schans?

Is there a bus from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans?

  • The Rnet-bus 391 runs from Amsterdam Central Station every fifteen minutes to the Zaanse Schans. The trip takes forty minutes. For more information: The Rnet-bus 817 drives in July and August from the Zaanse Schans to Volendam/Edam. Also in the weekends Ascension Day and Pentecost is the bus available.

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What are the rules for riding a bike in amsterdam?

  • Obeying traffic rules is, though, which means riding with a bell plus lights at night. Expect fines if you’re caught without or running a red light any time of day. Cars, however, are way more careful around bikes here than in other places because, if anything goes down, the car will always get the blame (and the bill).

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How to get into the amsterdam parking lot?

How much does it cost to Park in Amsterdam?

  • Amsterdam street parking. The further you are from the Old City Centre, the cheaper the parking will be, with rate as low as €1,10 per hour in the suburbs of Amsterdam. On some commercial streets parking fee will be symbolic (€0,10) but your parking time will be limited to one hour.

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How much does it cost to ride a bike in amsterdam?

  • If you take the GVB (the public transportation system in Amsterdam), a monthly ticket for the GVB around Amsterdam is 92 euros, which is the cost of a single bike… Although the rain can be terrible, biking can be cheaper. You can read my guide to biking in Amsterdam.

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Is it easier to move around with a bike in amsterdam?

  • Living in this beautiful, full of diversity place is much easier to move around with a good old dutch bike. Of course, Amsterdam is well known for its very good communication infrastructure, but public transport can be very pricey in the long run.

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How long does it take to ride a bike in amsterdam?

  • With over 60 miles (100 km) of canals as well as a lakeside position and close proximity to the North Sea, cycle routes throughout Amsterdam are very much defined by serene and charming waterways. With an outstanding network of cycle paths both in the capital and fanning outwards, you can ride for hours or days in the surrounding areas.

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Is there free parking in the outskirts of amsterdam?

  • Parking on the outskirts of Amsterdam is much cheaper than in the city center. What is more, there is a chance you will find some free parking spots outside the Ring. If you plan to park more often or for a longer period of time, you can consider buying a parking ticket for 24 hours, 7 days, a month or a year.

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How can you tell if there is a bike lane in amsterdam?

  • If a bike lane has two directions, it will indicate it on a sign with two opposing arrows. If there’s no bike lane, you might want to check your directions as you might be doing something wrong. This always shocks people visiting Amsterdam for the first time.

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Which is the best way to reserve a parking space in amsterdam?

  • One way how to make it less stressfull is to reserve your parking space online in advance. That is the main thing we recommend about parking in Amsterdam. You can check out this Amsterdam parking reservation website to do so. Online booked garage parking is the safest and easiest.

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What is a dutch bike?

  • A Dutch Style electric bike or low step over bike, as it's sometimes called, has a step through frame which is perfect for cyclists with reduced levels of mobility, or for those who would rather have a more comfortable and leisurely ride. It's frame style is very popular in the Netherlands hence the term "Dutch Bike".

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How many people bike in netherlands?

  • The Netherlands is the number one country in the world when it comes to cycling. Our population of at least 17 million people shares 22.8 million bicycles. On short distances, and especially in the city, the bicycle constitutes a fully-fledged alternative to public transport and passenger cars.

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What is a grandma bike netherlands?

  • In the Netherlands you will see men and women, children and elderly people, in all cities on the "Grandma Bike" (Oma Fiets). But why not choose a more advanced bike? 1. The oma fiets has little extra’s like gears and hand brakes.

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What makes a dutch bike 100% dutch?

  • What really makes a bike 100% Dutch is not only the design, it is geometry in particular. I mean the way your body is connected to a bike. Such geometry makes riding a bike more convenient and healthier at the same time. What is more, Dutch city bikes are extremely durable when compared to other traditional bikes. What is Omafiets?

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What are the best dutch bike brands?

  • Gazelle. Number one among the Dutch city bikes…
  • Batavus. Batavus is Gazelle's biggest competitor on a Dutch bicycle market…
  • Veloretti. This is a bike manufacturer with a history…
  • Koga Miyata. The company was founded in 1974 by Andries Gaastra (who quit his job at Batavus by the way)…
  • Van Nicholas…
  • Sensa…
  • BSP…
  • Cortina…
  • Gazelle e-bikes…
  • VanMoof e-bikes…

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How do i choose a dutch bike?

  1. Measure your inseam. Your inseam is the distance from the floor to the highest possible crotch position. The easiest way to measure it is to: ...
  2. Your height. People with the same height may have a different inseam. That's why your inseam should always be leading when choosing your frame size.

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Was amsterdam made before new amsterdam?

Yes Amsterdam is older than New Amsterdam (New York). The earliest recorded use of the name "Amsterdam" is from a certificate dated 27 October 1275. New Amsterdam was founded on the 17th century.

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How far is amsterdam from amsterdam airport?

15 min by car. 15-20 min by train from Schiphol Airport to citycenter Amsterdam

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How far is amsterdam airport from amsterdam?

  • The closest airport to Amsterdam is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS). Distance from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam is 7.0 miles / 11.2 kilometers.

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Where to buy amsterdam art in amsterdam?

  • It’s hard to recommend physical stores selling Amsterdam Art that goes beyond the tat however its always worth a look at the iAmsterdam store in Central Station; in local markets like the Sunday Market and at places like the Maker Market in De Hallen. Other quality stores include Entrepot Holland; Art Unlimited and Spiegel .

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What kind of bike is in the netherlands?

  • Any long-time resident of the Netherlands would quickly figure out the game: the diamond-frame bicycle is the men’s, the step-through-frame bicycle is the women’s. With or without a step-through frame, Dutch bikes are instantly recognisable. But ‘Dutch bike’ is actually misnomer.

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Who was the creator of the dutch bike?

  • Gazelle, the leading Dutch bicycle brand, was created by Willem Kölling in 1892. His first omafietsen was a direct copy of an imported English sit-up-and-beg bicycle. (Gazelle later imprinted itself into the Dutch national psyche thanks to a little boy on a Dutch bike, Piet Pelle.

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How much does a bike cost in netherlands?

The highest average price for bicycle was found in the Netherlands with a price of 914 euro per bicycle on average.

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How much does a bike cost in rotterdam?

They do cost 20-30 euros, but it is not worth it. Not only do you support theft by doing so, but you may encounter the real owner at one point; Rotterdam is not that big. Also, as I've heard, you could get in trouble with the authorities.

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How to order a dutch bike in usa?

  • Now they are readily available in the USA. Just choose your favorite style, size and color, order it online and we will send it directly from the Netherlands to your door, fully assembled. So you can just hop on and go. “Be ready to answer lots of questions if you get one.

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What are the best dutch city bike brands?

  • There are many Dutch brands selling Dutch city bikes, but I would like to describe three of them that I think are the best. Number one among the Dutch city bikes. Everyone has heard about Gazelle bikes at least once. Gazelle is now a market leader in the Netherlands, producing nearly 300,000 bikes a year.

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How much does a sparta dutch bike cost?

it costs about as much as a bmx bike or more

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Are there any bike rentals in the netherlands?

  • Bike-rental outlets are ubiquitous, and the country is crisscrossed with some 32,000km (19,883 miles) of cycling paths. Here are 10 of the country's best cycling spots.

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Are there any bike lanes in the netherlands?

  • The Dutch have really invested in their bicycle lanes in the cities and in the countryside, with clear signs and markers making it a breeze to find your way. This is a brief guide to bicycle routes all over the Netherlands, both close to cities and further out.

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Can a bike be stolen in the netherlands?

  • Bike theft can happen anywhere, but in a country where cycling is so en-grained in daily life such as in The Netherlands, it is even the most common criminal activity in the country, according to figures of Dutch police. It will be hard to find a Dutch person who never lost a bike in this sad way.

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How much of amsterdam's traffic is by bike?

  • As of 2017, 68% of traffic to and from work or school is by bike, and bikes account for 36 percent of all traffic movements in Amsterdam.

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Why do dutch people not wear bike helmets?

Bicycling is super safe in the Netherlands

the Dutch don't need bike helmets because cycling is not an intrinsically dangerous activity – it's the road environment that is dangerous, and the Dutch have created a safe cycling environment. The majority of head injuries are sustained by car occupants.

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What is the most use bike in netherland?

  • The omafiets is the most popular bike in the Netherlands, and a national symbol of green power. Many people ride their workhorse omafiets bikes until they fall apart, and because of the risk of theft, they’re usually in pretty scrappy condition. Even the Dutch royal family ride these bicycles!

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What are the bike sharing options in maastricht?

  • There are also plenty of bike sharing options in Maastricht; these include Arriva and OV-fiets. Bike sharing can be a good option for those who won’t need a bike too often: you can simply take them out for the day or a couple of hours.

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Which is better new amsterdam or old amsterdam?

  • New Amsterdam gin is smooth and costs much less than its competitors. I will no longer pay 2-3X the price for a bottle of gin now that I know that New Amsterdam is just as good. Cheers! New Amsterdam gin is smooth and costs much less than its competitors.

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How did amsterdam become immortal in new amsterdam?

  • He is brilliant, mysterious, reckless, magnetic? and immortal. In 1642 he saved a Native Indian girl during a massacre of her indigenous tribe. In return, the girl cast an ancient spell that conferred immortality upon him. Amsterdam will not age, she told him, until he finds his one true love.

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Where is the i amsterdam sign in amsterdam?

  • Get the obligatory photo at the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign. One of Amsterdam’s most popular city squares is Museumplein, where you will find the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign. This large sign that lies in front of the Rijksmuseum has become an iconic symbol of the city.

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Why was new amsterdam not called new amsterdam?

  • But the real reason for it not being called New Amsterdam was the original title of the show was far more straightforward. When Deadline announced the show had been greenlit for a pilot, the show was called Bellevue. NBC changed the title after they picked up the show for a pilot commitment last year.

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Why is 'new amsterdam' not called new amsterdam?

  • But the real reason for it not being called New Amsterdam was the original title of the show was far more straightforward. When Deadline announced the show had been greenlit for a pilot, the show was called Bellevue. NBC changed the title after they picked up the show for a pilot commitment last year.

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Is parking free in netherlands?


In almost all cities on-street parking is not free of charge. Parking tickets are available from the central pay and display machines at the side of the road. The parking rate can be paid in cash or with credit card. The ticket must be displayed in the front window.

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