What does the military of the netherlands do?

Nya Robel asked a question: What does the military of the netherlands do?
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The Royal Netherlands Army's land operations contribute to peace, freedom and security in the Netherlands and abroad. The Army is able to perform its tasks thanks to its professional and well-trained military personnel. They push on where others stop.

What army base is in the Netherlands?

  • Schinnen, US Military Bases in the Netherlands. USAG Schinnen is the only military facility run by the United States of America in the eastern part of BENELUX . It is located in Netherlands and is actually a co-base, which means the American may run it, but they have to stick to the Dutch laws and regulations.

In the Netherlands, the Army is responsible for: defending the territory of the Netherlands. This includes protection against attacks from countries or groups on power stations, water companies or computer systems. providing assistance in the event of disasters in the Netherlands.

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