What is another name for the netherlands?

Darion Grimes asked a question: What is another name for the netherlands?
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  • The Netherlands is also referred to as Holland in various languages, including English. However, Holland proper is only a region within the country that consists of North and South Holland, two of the nation's twelve provinces.
  • The country's name is “the Netherlands,” so be sure not to call it “Holland.” Holland is the name of two provinces that contain many of the country's major cities. It is not, though, a synonym for the Netherlands.

People often use the terms "Holland" and "the Netherlands" interchangeably, but they don't match up exactly. The official name of the northwestern European land of tulips and windmills is "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden," or Kingdom of the Netherlands.

  • The Netherlands has only one name: “Nederland” For other names refer to the name above, “Nederland”. And yes, sometimes people from the Netherlands are referred to as coming from Holland and that is incorrect ! There are 2 provinces, Noord ( North) Holland and Zuid (South) Holland, which include the cities Amsterdam and The Hague ( Den Haag).

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