Where to live as a student in rotterdam?

Maryam Powlowski asked a question: Where to live as a student in rotterdam?
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The most popular areas in the east of Rotterdam are the neighbourhoods of Kralingen and Crooswijk. Crooswijk is the adjoining neighbourhood with working-class families. Due to its relative proximity to the city centre, Kralingen is very popular amongst international students.

What are the best neighbourhoods to live in Rotterdam?

  • If you want to live in one of Rotterdam’s best-located neighbourhoods, you should definitely consider Kralingen. It’s situated right between the city centre and the main campus of Erasmus University, which makes it the perfect location for students and young professionals working for the university.
  • Student Housing Rotterdam Close to Erasmus University you prefer a quiet area and close to the Erasmus University, look for housing in “ Het Lage Land ” and “Prinsenland”.

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